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Is a Virtual Dietitian Appointment Right for Me?

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

If you are considering seeing a dietitian but aren’t sure if you’ll benefit as much from seeing someone virtually, here is some information that might help you.

The role of a dietitian is to diagnose and treat nutrition problems related to medical conditions. This means that we assess you by listening to your symptoms, medical history and dietary patterns and by reading any information you provide us with. We then form a diagnosis and treatment plan which is e-mailed to you following your appointment.

We do not need to physically examine you or perform any tests in person. Sometimes, we might need to request that your GP or consultant perform some more tests but we will contact them and these tests can then be carried out by your usual doctor or hospital. Occasionally we may request tests privately depending on your preference. These would also be carried out near your home even if your dietitian is in a different city.

At CityDietitians we understand that you are an expert in your own health. Because of this, we believe that you need a dietitian who is highly experienced with the condition you have and can therefore offer you a much higher level of advice than a general dietitian or your doctor. We find the very best dietitians from across the country so they are unlikely to be in the same city as you. Seeing one of our team virtually won’t detract from your experience or outcome.

Some people feel that seeing a dietitian face-to-face is preferable for them personally. These patients often travel a long way to see us in our London clinic. Most of the time, these patients then choose virtual appointments for their follow-up sessions.

If you are worried about the technology, our clinic manager Caitlin can talk you through the process and in the unlikely event of any technical issues, your dietitian will call you on the phone.

For more information on what to expect in your appointment please see our FAQs page.


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