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The Advantages of our One-Stop Adult Coeliac Disease Support Clinic

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Effectively managing coeliac disease can present various challenges. Primarily, it involves following a lifelong gluten-free diet, which is often more demanding than commonly thought. Additionally, receiving appropriate support from healthcare experts is vital to alleviate symptoms, adopt an optimal diet, and reduce the risk of complications. Within this article, we will delve into the five key advantages offered by our new One-Stop Coeliac Disease Support Clinic, and why it has an indispensable role for those living with this condition.

1. Expertise and Specialisation:

Our coeliac disease support clinic is staffed by healthcare professionals who possess profound insights and expertise in diagnosing and treating coeliac disease. This positions them ideally to administer precise tests and give current, evidence-based guidance. The expert healthcare providers in our coeliac clinic are Dr. Sami (Gastroenterologist) and Cristian Costas (Specialist Dietitian).

2. Precision in Diagnosis:

Diagnosing coeliac disease can prove to be challenging, given the many different symptoms and the potential need for varied diagnostic tests. Our coeliac clinic employs advanced diagnostic tools, encompassing a range of coeliac disease antibody blood tests, advanced endoscopy techniques, and genetic tests. This comprehensive approach helps to accurately confirm or rule out the condition. For many, eating gluten before diagnostic tests is challenging, so our clinic offers all required tests on a single day. This streamlines the process, allowing patients to undergo a single gluten challenge and gain assurance that the essential tests have been conducted for an accurate coeliac disease diagnosis, or exclusion.

3. Tailored Treatment Plans:

Each individual with coeliac disease is distinctly unique. Our coeliac disease clinic tailors treatment strategies to cater to the specific requirements of each patient. Various factors such as age, overall health, dietary preferences, treatment preferences, and lifestyle are meticulously considered. This personalised approach increases treatment efficacy and patient satisfaction, a reality substantiated by the positive feedback from patients of both Dr. Sami and Cristian.

4. Specialised Gluten-Free Dietary Advice:

Maintaining a gluten-free diet is key for effective coeliac disease management. However, identifying gluten-containing foods and finding safe alternatives can be overwhelming. Through our clinic, our coeliac specialist dietitian, Cristian, extends specialised nutritional guidance to equip patients with the knowledge required to make well-informed dietary choices. This approach ensures gluten is avoided optimally while sustaining a nourishing diet. Ultimately, this is what helps patients achieve a fulfilling, symptom-free and inclusive lifestyle.

5. Ongoing Monitoring and Follow-Up:

Optimal coeliac disease management requires consistent monitoring and follow-up. Our clinic guarantees ongoing support by tracking patient progress and adjusting treatment plans as needed. This proactive approach serves to help avoid potential complications and strives to achieve prime health outcomes. Our clinic's distinctive benefit lies in its precise understanding of arranging the right blood tests and investigations for unresolved symptoms. You can rest assured that all essential tests will be administered at the appropriate time. This is a key benefit of our clinic, as many health professionals do not recognise which tests are needed to explore and manage persistent symptoms in coeliac disease patients. Additionally, we provide bone scans to monitor bone health, which is also an important part of coeliac disease monitoring.


Our clinic is the optimal resource for individuals with coeliac disease, due to its comprehensive, patient-centred approach to care. From accurate diagnosis to tailored treatment plans, our clinic empowers patients to lead healthy and gratifying lives despite their condition. If you or a loved one has coeliac disease, consider the services of our dedicated One-Stop Coeliac Disease Clinic, to encounter the transformative benefits firsthand.


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