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Professional Dietitian Speakers for Nutrition-focused Events

All of our dietitians are experts in their field and are happy to speak at public or professional conferences, seminars and events. 

We all speak at various events across the country on the importance of evidence-based nutrition. 

All our dietitians regularly present their research at national and international conferences. 

We welcome the opportunity to share our expertise and pride ourselves on our engaging and dynamic presentation style.

Please contact us to request one of our dietitians to speak at your event.


Past Speaking Topics

Dr. Bubbs Performance Podcast

Dr. Guess was interviewed by Dr. Marc Bubbs on the role of diet in the prevention of type 2 diabetes. This podcast covered what the research currently tells us (pretty much just lose weight and exercise!) and where research should be going - Dr. Guess has an active interest in the roles of high-protein diets on beta-cell function (how the pancreas secretes insulin), low-carbohydrate diets and very-low-energy formula diets. Her research should be able to provide important data on these questions in 2019!

British Society of Lifestyle Medicine

In this multi-disciplinary event which aimed to promote evidence-based lifestyle advice amongst GPs and other healthcare professionals, Dr. Guess spoke about practical advice GPs can give to patients at risk of, or with, type 2 diabetes. She also dispelled some common myths - such as diet cola is dangerous! (Evidence-based response: if a patient is drinking a litre of cola a day, switching to diet cola could save their life and limbs!)

Food Is Medicine

In this high-profile event organised by Dr Hazel Wallace (The Food Doctor), Dr Guess spoke to and took questions from the audience about carbohydrates. She also shared a panel with Dr Zoe Williams (ITVs resident doctor on the couch!) and Dr John Sykes of the BSLM about public health nutrition. 

Past Events

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BDA london.jpg
  • Diabetes Professional Conference

  • Diabetes Management and Education Group (BDA)

  • Diabetes UK

  • Coloplast

  • Colostomy UK

  • Abu Dhabi Obesity Conference

  • Ileostomy Association

  • BDA London Group

  • Women’s Health Live

  • American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) Gulf Chapter Annual Conference

  • Nutritank (King’s College London)

  • GP Trainers Conference

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