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Feel in control of your health with personalised treatment from expert dietitians

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Why Choose CityDietitians?

Highly specialist dietitians diagnosing and treating diet-related conditions virtually and in our London clinic.* 

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Conditions We Treat

Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes & Heart Disease

Eating Disorders &
Disordered Eating
Weight Loss &
weight Management
IBS & Digestive

Fertility, Pregnancy & Menopause

Paediatric Nutrition

Oncology & Cancer Support

Coeliac Disease

Our Dietitians

CityDietitians was founded in 2018 by Sophie Medlin. Having recognised the skills and expertise of academic and clinical dietitians and the lack of access to excellent nutrition advice for the general public, she set up CityDietitians to make evidence-based dietetic expertise available to individuals, companies, and the media.  

Dietitians train alongside doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to apply the science of nutrition to medicine and to develop individualised dietary treatment plans. Dietitians are the only nutrition professionals who are trained and registered to provide dietary advice for medical conditions. 

Remember: If you need nutrition advice about a medical condition, you need a dietitian. 


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Catch Sophie on Channel 4

You may have seen Sophie in the Channel 4 programme, Know Your Sh*t, which launched in January 2023. No poo problem is off limits in this first-of-a-kind clinic, as the Poo HQ experts share gut health hacks and reveal how our gut impacts our physical and mental health. The show features Sophie as their gut health expert!


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