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Women's Health: Fertility, Pregnancy & Menopause

Whether you’re struggling with conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome or endometriosis, you’re trying to get pregnant, you’re worried about your nutrition during pregnancy or breastfeeding or you’re having symptoms of the menopause, we’re here to help. 


Women’s bodies are complex and ever-changing. Nutrition can play a crucial role in ensuring your body is working optimally and that you feel in control of whatever might be happening at any stage.

How We Can Help: Meet Our Specialist Dietitians

Sophie Medlin & Dr. Bridgette Wilson

Sophie and Bridgette have significant experience in Women’s Health and will support you to optimise your nutrition and find a way of eating that manages your symptoms and makes you feel your best. 

What to expect from your consultation 

Your dietitian will take a full and thorough medical and diet history and explore all of the nutrition options available to you. 


We will ensure that you find a way of eating that helps you to reach your goals and reduces symptoms. Your nutritional treatment plan will be sustainable and will fit into your normal lifestyle as much as possible.  


Depending on your needs, you may wish to book a three appointment package at £330, saving £30 or a six appointment package at £510 saving £90. 


Sophie Medlin


Dr. Bridgette Wilson


"I'm so glad I found Sophie. She has been my voice of reason in my quest to overcome a chronic calorie-counting obsession and body dysmorphia. I was heading to a desperate place when I met her. She has helped me focus on being balanced, tuning in with my body and trusting myself. She encouraged me to think about foods that were missing because of my 'calorie thinking', and start being able to enjoy variety and focus on eating for fertility."

"I had PCOS and I’ve been through a miscarriage so I decided to seek help from Sophie in norder to improve my lifestyle and start trying for a baby again. Sophie helped me to improve my diet and adjust the healthy eating in my busy and stressful routine. Now I am pregnant again and she gave me helpful advise for healthy eating in pregnancy."

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