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IBS & Digestive Issues

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a chronic and debilitating functional gut disorder characterised by abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence and changes in bowel habit. The functional nature of IBS means it is not caused by an underlying disease and therefore there are currently no medications or surgical options to treat it. The cause of IBS is unknown, but it is linked to alterations in the gut bacteria, diet, stress, anxiety and alterations in the speed at which food moves through the gut. At City Dietitians we are very experienced at guiding patients through how to manage IBS through a combination of both dietary and holistic evidence-based approaches.

Nutritional Management of IBS

There are two stages to the nutritional management of IBS: first-line treatments, which can be implemented yourself at home, and second-line treatments that need support from a dietitian.

Have a read of our blog post on first-line treatments to see if you can improve your symptoms without needing an appointment with a dietitian.


Second-line treatments for IBS include the Low FODMAP diet, which is effective for around 85% of patients.

The Low FODMAP diet needs to be implemented with support from a dietitian who is trained to do so. It can feel stressful and challenging to do it alone.

How We Can Help: Meet Our Specialist Dietitians


Sophie Medlin

Sophie Medlin is a well-recognised consultant dietitian in London with expertise in gastrointestinal and colorectal health.


Dr. Bridgette Wilson

Dr. Wilson is a leading expert in IBS management and has trained hundreds of dietitians on implementation of the low FODMAP diet and published a paper on avoiding some of the common pitfalls of implementing this.


Pooja Dhir

Pooja Dhir is a registered specialist dietitian specialising in upper gastrointestinal and surgery.

What to Expect From Your IBS Consultation

At your consultation, our dietitians will take time to thoroughly understand your medical history and will assess your diet and symptoms. We will work with you to find a therapeutic diet that manages your current symptoms while promoting good long term health.

Typically, this will involve three sessions:

Session 1: Assessment and dietary treatment (e.g. commencing low FODMAP diet)

Session 2: Assessment of progress and reintroduction of foods to establish tolerance

Session 3: Long term nutritional management and healthy eating

If tests or treatments are needed, we will liaise with your consultant or GP.

For people with IBS, we offer three appointments for £330, saving £30. 

Read our frequently asked questions.


"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Bridgette Wilson and saw a reduction in my symptoms almost immediately. What I particularly appreciated was Bridgette's relaxed approach; she was supportive, and all of her advice felt realistic and easy to implement. It was a very enjoyable experience and I would 100% recommend."

“With the support of Bridgette, I got medically robust guidance through the fodmap diet. She busted the myths and guided me with the use of proven dietary science.”

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