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Vegetarian & Vegan Nutritionist

Many people want to be a vegetarian or vegan for ethical or environmental reasons but they may worry about getting all the nutrients they need from their diet to support their health.


Some people may have adopted a vegetarian or vegan diet but have developed symptoms such as brain fog, mood alterations, hair loss or sleep disturbance and want to understand how to relieve these symptoms.


When we cut out meat and/or dairy from our diet, we need to be sure that we are replacing the nutrients they typically provide us. This can be done through diet and/or supplementation and we can provide a plan that suits your needs.

Green Salad

Optimising your Vegan/Vegetarian Diet


We all have different lifestyles that can affect our nutritional requirements. As with everything, you need individualised advice that takes into account your personal needs when planning a vegetarian or vegan diet. Our vegan nutritionist is a well respected plant-based dietitian who specialises in optimising vegan and vegetarian diets for her patients. If blood tests are needed, these can be organised through your GP or our providers.

How We Can Help: Meet Our Specialist Dietitian


Harpreet Sohal

Harpreet is a well respected plant-based dietitian who specialises in optimising vegan and vegetarian diets for her patients. She currently works as a registered dietitian in an NHS specialist hospital with adults and children who have complex sarcoma and orthopaedic surgeries. Outside of this Harpreet focuses on improving the nutritional health of the vegan and vegetarian communities by promoting healthy plant-based eating advice via social media and beyond. She is also passionate about tailoring healthy eating and dietary treatments for South Asian diets. Harpreet loves to bake, cook and experiment with plant-based recipes too. 

What to expect from your consultation 

We will take time to thoroughly understand your medical history, lifestyle and religious, ethical or environmental motivations. We will work with you to find a diet that optimises your nutrition, promoting good long term health.


Typically, this will involve three sessions, for example:


Session 1: Assessment and dietary modifications (including assessment for nutritional deficiencies)


Session 2: Assessment of progress and consideration of next steps (with test results as appropriate)


Session 3: Long term nutritional management and healthy eating


For people following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, we offer three appointments for £300, saving £30. Read our frequently asked questions.


"Very efficient service, excellent advice, good follow up from consultation. I was given time to go through the various issues I wished to discuss and these were all considered by the Dietitian and addressed. I am very pleased with the service."

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