Cristian Costas

Cristian Costas Batlle is a registered dietitian specialising in adult coeliac disease. He has worked in acute hospitals (with inpatient and outpatient caseloads) for over 5 years and has set up a national award winning dietetic-led coeliac service in the UK, where he is in charge of explaining the diagnosis and dietary management to patients, ordering bloods, assessing their bone health and overseeing their health needs.

Cristian is currently also completing a Masters at Leeds Beckett University to measure the impact of this dietetic-led coeliac service and he is heavily involved with raising awareness of coeliac disease through different channels. He has contributed to creating a coeliac disease national resource, he guest lectures at universities about coeliac disease and service development, writes nutrition articles and is very active on social media with all things related to coeliac disease and digestive health.

In addition to his work in coeliac disease, Cristian also works with patients who suffer from other digestive health conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease.


Specialities & Expertise:

Coeliac Disease