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Cristian Costas

Cristian Costas Batlle is a registered dietitian specialising in adult coeliac disease. He has worked in acute hospitals (with inpatient and outpatient caseloads) for over 5 years and has set up a national award winning dietetic-led coeliac service in the UK, where he is responsible for explaining the diagnosis and dietary management to patients, ordering bloods, assessing their bone health and overseeing their health needs.

Cristian is heavily involved in raising awareness of coeliac disease through different channels. He has contributed to creating national coeliac disease resources, he guest lectures at universities about coeliac disease and service development, has published articles and is very active on social media with all things related to coeliac disease, digestive health and gluten-related conditions.

Cristian can help you to make sure you get tested properly for coeliac disease. Also, if you have been newly diagnosed he can also guide and support you. He also offers expert guidance and support if you have persistent symptoms despite being on the gluten free diet or if you want a regular check-up or annual review to ensure you are doing everything you can to manage your condition optimally.

In addition, Cristian also supports people living with other gluten-related conditions like gluten ataxia or non-coeliac gluten/wheat sensitivity. He can also help you get diagnosed with a gluten-related condition and help to address food tolerance issues.


Specialities & Expertise:

Coeliac Disease, Gluten-related Issues


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