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Claire Moore

Claire is an oncology specialist dietitian. She has wealth of clinical experience in both NHS and private healthcare and has spent the last 11 years supporting patients through cancer treatment.

Claire is passionate about dispelling the myths around diet and cancer, which can often lead to confusion, unnecessary restrictions, and stress around food.

Through compassionate evidence-based advice Claire helps patients to gain clarity and control through their treatment, and beyond. She understands the impact good nutrition can have before, during and after treatment.

Claire knows that living with a cancer diagnosis can be confusing. Her experience puts her in a unique position to be able to answer the specific questions patients have when adjusting to any cancer diagnosis.

In addition, Claire is able to provide tailored advice when adjusting to life after cancer treatment. Whether it is adapting to changes following surgery, weight management or optimising gut health post chemotherapy.


Specialities & Expertise:



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