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Motility Disorder Dietitian


The Dietary Management of Motility Disorders

By manipulating the type and quality of the fibre in your diet, fluid intake and by optimising medications, we can help to promote improvements to gut motility.

Some people with motility disorders need to have more invasive interventions such as tube feeding. Making this decision can be challenging. We can also support you in the decision making about longer term solutions to motility problems and liaise with your GP or consultant to support you with this.

How We Can Help: Meet Our Specialist Dietitians


Dr. Bridgette Wilson

Dr. Wilson is a gut specialist clinical and research dietitian with a wealth of clinical dietetic experience both in the NHS and private healthcare. 


Sophie Medlin

Sophie has worked with people with motility disorders for over 10 years, from those who have intravenous feeding at home, to people who need diet and medication optimisation.


Pooja Dhir

Pooja Dhir is a registered specialist dietitian who has worked as a senior manager in the NHS, specialising in upper gastrointestinal and surgery. 

What to Expect From Your Motility Disorder Consultation

Our dietitians will take time to thoroughly understand your medical history and will assess your diet. We will work with you to find a diet that manages your current symptoms while promoting good long term health.

Typically, this will involve three sessions, for example:

Session 1: Assessment and dietary modifications

Session 2: Assessment of progress and reintroduction of foods to establish tolerance

Session 3: Long term nutritional management and healthy eating

If tests or treatments are needed, Sophie will liaise with your consultant or GP.


For people with motility disorders, we offer three appointments for £330, saving £30.


Read our frequently asked questions.


"Sophie was brilliant. My entire interaction with her has all been online and the whole process from initial contact to payment has been smooth. Sophie put me at ease immediately. She is knowledgeable, kind, supportive and genuinely wants to help me feel better. I finally felt I was being treated as a person. I feel really confident that Sophie can and will do whatever she can to help me."

"I had my first appointment with Sophie this weekend and she’s the first person I’ve seen who has properly listened to me, explained what’s going on and pulled together an action plan for us to work together on. Sophie is very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I really couldn’t recommend her more highly and look forward to further appointments with her."

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