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Clinical Observation Course

Have you studied the science of nutrition and want to learn how to apply it to clinical practice? Are you considering a career in nutrition and dietetics? If so, clinical observation will be a requirement for your application to university or for accreditation.

The City Dietitians Nutrition Academy is pleased to offer structured clinical observation sessions. You will be able to observe a minimum of four patients over the day with varied clinical conditions—from allergies and gastrointestinal conditions to type 2 diabetes and weight management. All our clinics take place on the world-renowned Harley Street.

Each clinical observation session will begin with a one-to-one overview of the clinical condition and the dietetic management approach. We will also cover the communication and counselling skills required by dietitians. ​You will observe a minimum of four consultations with real patients. Each consultation will last 60 minutes. Finally, the clinical observation session will end with a thorough overview of the cases seen. We will teach the principles of reflective practice and ensure we have laid out the next steps for your career.

Upon completion, you will receive a City Dietitians-accredited certificate confirming the hours of observation completed with a transcript of the clinical activities and learning outcomes.

About City Dietitians Nutrition Academy

City Dietitians is a team of world-leaders in dietetics from the most prestigious programmes and hospitals in the UK. We created the Nutrition Academy to develop courses to meet the ever-changing training requirements for dietitians globally. 

The City Dietitians Nutrition Academy includes Continued Education Courses, which are aimed at licensed professionals in the UK, and Clinical Observation and Training Courses, which are aimed at overseas nutrition students or dietitians who want to upskill and specialise. 

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