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Clinical Expert Training

Our Clinical Expert Training offers an immersive training experience. You will benefit from the same specialist training as our Clinical Specialist courses but with a wider range of conditions covered.


Each course has the same structure guaranteed to optimise your learning.

Over the five days you will benefit from:

  • Specialist lectures with consolidating workshops

  • Case study-based theoretical learning

  • Clinical communication skills

  • Applied clinical scenarios based on the objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) approach used in world-renowned medical education

  • Practical clinical encounters with real-time reflection and feedback

  • Resource development training so you can develop materials tailored to the needs of
    your practice

  • Clinic planning, audit and evaluation to ensure you are getting the best results for your patients


Currently we are offering two Clinical Expert courses:

  • Lifestyle Expert: You will learn specialist skills in weight management, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
    ​Gastro Expert: You will learn specialist skills in the dietary management of patients with inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal disorders including surgical and medical management.

These courses are taught by bona fide world-expert dietitians. You will not get a better education in these specialisms anywhere else.

Upon completion, you will receive a City Dietitians-accredited certificate confirming the hours of training completed with a transcript of the clinical activities and learning outcomes.

About City Dietitians Nutrition Academy

City Dietitians is a team of world-leaders in dietetics from the most prestigious programmes and hospitals in the UK. We created the Nutrition Academy to develop courses to meet the ever-changing training requirements for dietitians globally. 

The City Dietitians Nutrition Academy includes Continued Education Courses, which are aimed at licensed professionals in the UK, and Clinical Observation and Training Courses, which are aimed at overseas nutrition students or dietitians who want to upskill and specialise. 

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