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Penny Vlachou

Penny is a Registered Dietitian with a huge passion for empowering people to implement dietary changes and experience the positive difference in their quality of life. She is currently working as a Lead Eating Disorders Dietitian in the NHS and has worked with adults and children since 2013. She has also worked in a Healthcare company specialising Type 2 Diabetes and Weight Management. Alongside these
roles, she has always worked in private practice, offering dietetic advice around sports nutrition, fertility, emotional eating, vegan and vegetarian diets, reducing risk of heart disease, maintaining balanced eating in a busy lifestyle etc. Penny respects that every client is unique when considering changes to your diet and deciding what is going to work for your body and lifestyle. Her compassionate, psychologically informed approach can be particularly helpful if you want to address emotional eating or feel ‘trapped’ in unhealthy dieting cycles and want to learn how to trust your body again. We are all born with good intuition around food, however, our life experiences, our environment, and all the conflicting advice from the media, can mean that we lose touch with this. Learning what your & nutritional balance looks like and how to incorporate it in your life will put you back in control of your choices.


Specialities & Expertise:

Eating Disorders, Type 2 Diabetes and Weight Management


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