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Dietitians for Rehabilitation

Whether you have recently been discharged from hospital or are recovering from surgery or an accident, nutrition plays a vital role in your recovery.


Optimising your protein and micronutrient intake can have a profound impact on how quickly your body heals and the time it will take for you to get back to your usual self.


The team at City Dietitians are highly experience in supporting patients to rehabilitate from medical conditions, including in the management of artificial feeding (nasogastric or PEG feeding) and oral nutrition support.

Optimising Recovery After Illness or Hospitalisation


During any period of illness or hospitalisation, our bodies go through a huge amount of stress. It is likely that there will have been periods where your nutrition wasn’t at its best and as a result, your body will have tapped into stored nutrients which can become deficient when you need them for your recovery.


Many patients feel frail and weak after hospitalisation and this can hamper their ability to participate in physiotherapy and other rehab activities. Nutrition is key to ensuring you can get back to your usual self as quickly as possible and recover fully from your period of illness or hospitalisation.

If required, we can contact your GP or consultant for tests or investigations.

How We Can Help: Meet Our Specialist Dietitian


Tai Ibitoye

Tai is a Registered Dietitian specialising in nutrition support for adults and women’s health. Tai is passionate about providing evidence-based nutrition advice and information to help her clients make well- informed decisions when it comes to their diet and health.

What to Expect From Your Rehabilitation Consultation

One of our expert dietitians will take time to thoroughly understand your medical/surgical history and will assess your current diet or nutritional regimen. Your dietitian will calculate your nutritional needs at each stage of your recovery and provide a structured plan to ensure they are met through diet and/or supplementation.


We usually recommend booking a six appointment package for rehabilitation to ensure you are supported at every stage. Our six appointment package is £510, which gives you six appointments for the price of five, saving you £90. If you prefer a pay-as-you-go option, this is also available.


"On the basis of the experience and professionalism of the Team outlined in the City Dietitians’ website I was confident that I would be able to access the advice I was looking for and I was correct."

"Very efficient service, excellent advice, good follow up from consultation. I was given time to go through the various issues I wished to discuss and these were all considered by the Dietitian and addressed. I am very pleased with the service."

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