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Add and edit comment block comments inline directly in your drawings with the new Comment Assist feature. Draw a line on any plane in a block comment and it can be edited with the user interface (UI) or in the drawing.Block CommentsComment AssistDrag and drop (see video above)New Surface Feature Labeling:Give your surfaces new identities by adding any combination of surfaces, attributes and label styles. The color scheme will always remain the same, making it easy to pick out parts of a drawing or make changes later without having to go back to the surface properties.Surface Feature LabelingSwitch to Block Label StylesThis application dialog box gives you an easy way to switch between surface feature labels and block labels.New Tool Sets:Select from a variety of new, easy-to-use tool sets that contain any combination of drafting and measurement tools, plus a ruler and compass. Just change your active tool set and you can start working with your new tools immediately.Measurement toolsDrawing toolsRuler and compassNew Automation Masks:Now you can use Automation Masks to adjust shapes quickly, without any additional drawing steps. Just set your Automation Masks on an object, select a shape, and move the object—all on one screen.Maintain a database of shape settingsAutomation Mask Management(video: 7:15 min.)Create and modify Paths in the XPS Viewer:Now you can create, edit and customize paths in the XPS Viewer. Create, modify and rearrange your paths to their exact specifications.XPS ViewerCreate Customized PathsSelect Path ModeCustomizable Callouts and TagsAdd and Remove Drawing Objects:Now you can easily and quickly add, change or remove objects in your drawings.Hands-onAdd an objectMove an objectRemove an objectAdd/Remove/Move an object (video: 6:27 min.)Rapid Review:Rely on a precise system of keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work and save time. Now you can use up and down arrows to quickly move up or down through AutoCAD command options and menus. Just type the number of the command in the keyboard box in the command menu. 2be273e24d


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