Disordered Eating

Disordered Eating is different from an eating disorder which will have been diagnosed by a psychiatrist or doctor. People with disordered eating may be a healthy weight but are often overweight and may have tried many different diets and know a lot about healthy eating but still struggle to maintain a balanced diet.


If you have disordered eating, you may experience guilt and shame when you eat certain foods. You may feel anxiety when you’re faced with an invitation to go to dinner or a special occasion involving food. You may feel that you are driven to compulsive eating which feels uncontrollable. You may sometimes eat compulsively in large volumes. You may also notice that you rarely eat because you’re hungry but mostly for emotional reasons.


Disordered eating can mean that you are expending a large amount of your mental energy on thinking about food and your body while still struggling to maintain a healthy diet.

How We Can Help

 Sophie has a wealth of experience in supporting people with disordered eating to improve their relationship with food and enjoy freedom from the anxiety and guilt associated with disordered eating.

What to expect from your consultation

Sophie will take time to explore your relationship with food and how and when it became disordered. She will support you to develop better habits, coping strategies and food choices. Sophie uses techniques from intuitive eating practice which avoids strict rules and diet plans and guides healthier, self-directed food choices and lifestyle management.


 Developing a better relationship with food takes some time so we usually recommend booking a six appointment package. This will give you the time you need to develop new habits and for them to begin having an effect on your mental and physical health.


Our six appointment package is £510, which gives you six appointments for the price of five, saving you £90. If you prefer a pay-as-you-go option, this is also available.



"Working with Sophie Medlin was a wonderful experience. She creates a safe and warm space for people like me to share their story, and work towards a better health. Together with Sophie, I was able to create a foundation of knowledge and understanding, on which I can build and expand in the future. I would recommend her services and City Dietitians to anyone."


"A fantastic dietitian who has given me the confidence and helped me to rebuild a more positive relationship with food and how it fits into my day to day life. Sophie has been great to work with, accessible, knowledgeable and supportive at every stage of the journey."

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